Do NOT hire Michael Borrelli to be your attorney! He is untrustworthy and may steal from you like he did from me! This site is a gripe site intended to show how Michael Borrelli stole money from one of his clients. The opinions expressed herein are my own, but I believe the documents speak for themselves. Please look at the videos documents so that you can see for yourself. Mr. Borrelli not only did terrible damage to my case, but was also dishonest and has sought to limit my freedom of speech. He harassed me with letters seeking money he was not entitled to, then sued me when I spoke out against him.
To the right is Michael Borrelli, a dishonest and unethical attorney operating in New York. Mr. Borrelli, working with fellow attorneys Matthew Blit and Les Levine of Levine & Blit, signed a contract with me that stipulated I was to give him a retainer of $15,000 and no more. The contract even said at the bottom, in caps: "NO OTHER MONEYS SHALL BE ADVANCED BY THE CLIENT OTHER THAN THE INITIAL RETAINER." And yet, they took $19,000 from me (you do the math). When I refused to give them any more, they made a motion to pull out of my case. The judge, of course, denied their motion, but they had already done a great deal of damage to my suit. Below are the documents that, I believe, prove Mr. Borrelli is not to be trusted. You can see for yourself. 
Here is a copy of the contract:
Here are excerpts from two e-mails from Borrelli not only admitting that I overpaid, but actually asking for more!

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 18:32:53 -0400
Subject: RE: Ross


You paid $2000 on 11/4/09 and $1000 on 11/24/09, nothing was for legal fees, all was for expenses. Please send some money as well to cover the expenses."


To: 'Ross Rosenfeld'
Michael J. Borrelli, ESQ


The 15k was for the attorney’s fees, the additional money was for the expenses. Expenses have far exceed that 4k but you are refusing to pay any further causing us now to use our own money to pay expenses which you will reimburse at the conclusion of the case. That explains it – again for the last time."

When Borrelli, Blit, and Levine attempted to pull out of my case because I would not give-in to their strong-arm tactics and give them any more money, they were told by the Honorable Judge Viktor Pohorelsky that "there's no obligation in the retainer agreement that [Ross Rosenfeld] fund expenses." The judge, of course, ruled against them. And yet, to this day, Borrelli continues to hound me for money that he is in no way entitled to. Here is a recent letter that I was sent along with a list of charges that I'm in no way obligated to pay:
The opinions expressed on this page are those of Ross Rosenfeld. This is a gripe site intended to criticize attorney Michael Borrelli, along with his associates Matthew Blit and Les Levine. This is not Mr. Borrelli, Mr. Blit, or Mr. Levine's site; it is my own. I can be reached at, if you'd like more information. You can also see my Facebook page: -Ross Rosenfeld
So, in addition to stealing from me, Borrelli then decided to harass me as well. I tried time and time again to get the money I overpaid back, but I kept getting responses like this one: (


To: Ross Rosenfeld

"Ross, we are not sending you any money..."

Now, I could go on and on about how Michael Borrelli stole from me and did tremendous damage to my case, but instead you can just look over some of the documents yourself, if you'd like, simply by clicking on the file below. You can also feel free to contact me to discuss Mr. Borrelli, Mr. Blit, or Mr. Levine. I can be reached at: 516754-6287. But I caution you: DO NOT HIRE THESE ATTORNEYS! THEY ARE COMPLETELY DISHONEST!

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